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Cool Landscapes

Tanja Gallenmueller

From 7th to 24th September, Bergamo will be at the center of the landscape culture.

Bergamos Plaza Vecchia will be temporarly designed by the Dutch landscape architect Lodewijk Baljon during the international event "I Maestri del Paessagio" from 7-24 December (image: Lodewijk Baljon))

From 7th to 24th September, and for the seventh consecutive year, Bergamo will be at the center of the landscape culture. The Piazza Vecchia in the Citta Alta gets the stylistic touch of the landscape architect, Lodewijk Baljon, who conceives it and is consistent with the focus of the International Meeting (22th to 23th September). 

At the meeting, amateurs and specialists alike can come in contact with the culture of the landscape through the explanation of speakers of national and international renown. Among this year`s  speakers are Thorbjörn Andersson from Sweden, Walter Hood from the USA and Perry Lethlean from Australia, just to name a few (Download programme)

Lodewijk Baljon designs Green Square

The Dutch landscape architect, Lodewijk Baljon, will be the designer of this year`s Green Square (and also speaker at the meeting). The temporary installation that in Baljon’s own words “could develop the theme of coolness in literal terms – a cool temperature and shadows – or reflecting the style and attitude of “cool”, indicating ease and elegance. The Green Square in fact –  looking more as a site-specific installation than a makeover imitating natural landscape – will use tangible and symbolic elements to inspire a reflection on the global warming.

Besides the temporary installation at Plaza Vecchia and the International Meeting, the event is also accompanied by many workshops, exhibitions, guided tours throughout the city.

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